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Detector Loop Sealant


3M™ Detector Loop Sealant

Easy To Use… Superior Protection

3M detector loop sealant encapsulates, insulates and protects the wires of a detector loop from the effects of the harsh roadway environment. In temperature extremes, it retains flexibility so the wires are continuously protected to prevent loop failure.

Some good reasons you should be using 3M detector loop sealant:

3M™ Detector Loop Sealant

Saves application time: 3M loop sealant is ready to use. There is no need to measure, mix or heat and no smoothing is required. Sealant can be applied on crowned or sloped roadways. It will not run to low spots.

Outstanding protection: Loop wires are held in position and completely contained in a tough, yet flexible, rubber cocoon. Wires are protected against movement, road debris penetration and moisture, eliminating these causes of false calls.

Reduced maintenance: 3M sealant will not shrink, so call-backs for refilling are eliminated. And sharp objects will not penetrate the tough rubber. Sealant cures with smooth surface so there is no need for finishing.

Natural curing: Sealant reacts with moisture in the environment to produce a rubber that is resistant to weather, oils, gasoline, antifreeze, brake fluid and road salt.

Long lasting: The sealant will not become brittle with age or temperature extremes.

Temperature stable: The sealant won’t degrade in high temperatures or fracture at temperatures as low as -40° F.

Roadway compatibility: 3M sealant can be used with either concrete or asphalt, fresh or aged, wet or dry surfaces.

Fast, complete application: 3M supplies special nozzles that help you fill the sawcut from the bottom to the top.

New, more convenient application: 3M ’s new ply pack is especially well suited for customers who use applicator guns to apply sealant. Dispensing rate is improved by up to 300%. Disposable packaging waste is reduced by over 90% at the work site.

Simple, fast and sure way to do the job right

1. Cut the loop
1. Cut the loop.

2. Flush out debris and blow out standing water
2. Flush out debris and blow out standing water.

3. Install loop wires
3. Install loop wires.

4. Fill sawcut with 3M™ Detector Loop Sealant
4. Fill sawcut with 3M™ Detector Loop Sealant

The President Applicator System

The President Applicator System

System Features

  • High production flow rate (fills 1/4 in. x 2 in. sawcut void at over 80 ft. per minute).
  • Double-acting priming piston pump is pressure balanced for uniform sealant flow and encapsulation even at low temperatures.
  • Unique material follower plate wipes pail sides clean to minimize sealant waste and clean up.
  • Durable two wheel cart for maximum operator convenience and job site efficiency.
  • Special wand extension for easy application.
  • Unique applicator system resists moisture penetration
    • closed pumping system
    • Teflon fluid hose


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