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ITE Specification LED Signals

Dialight Products

ITE Specification

Fully compliant to the latest ITE Specifications, Dialight offers a full product line of LED traffic signal modules, arrows and pedestrian signals. Featuring the lowest wattage in the industy, Dialight's LED Traffic Signals are helping municipalities worldwide cut energy costs and reduce maintenance.

ITE Compliant Signal Modules

Dialight 8” (200mm) and 12” (300mm) XL series LED traffic signal ball modules are compliant to the ITE VTCSH LED Circular Signal Supplement. Dialight's LED traffic signal modules are the most reliable, lowest wattage, and most aesthetically pleasing products in existence!

ITE Compliant Omni-Directional Arrows

A full range of 12" (300mm) LED Arrow signals are available including omnidirectional and incandescent appearance products conforming to the ITE VTCSH LED Vehicle Arrow Traffic Signal Supplement, ITE VTCSH - Part 3: LED Vehicle Arrow Traffic Signal Modules specification.

ITE Compliant Countdown Pedestrian Signals

Dialight’s LED countdown traffic signals feature superior, MUTCD compliant countdown functionality, incredibly uniform appearance, ITE compliance for pedestrian icons, and complete compatibility with industry standard pedestrian signal enclosures.

ITE Compliant Hand And Person Pedestrian Signals

Dialight’s offering covers a range of different configurations including individual, side by side, and overlay hand and person LED icons for a variety of different signal enclosures.


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