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Canoga™ Traffic Sensing System

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Canoga™ Traffic Sensing System

Canoga™ Traffic Sensing System

As more and more vehicles crowd the world’s roadways, traffic professionals must try to squeeze all they can out of every lane mile. The Canoga™ Traffic Sensing System is the foundation for effective traffic management and planning, providing the precise, real-time traffic data you need to monitor individual vehicle speed, count and occupancy, vehicle length, mean speed, end speed, and length classification. It’s an essential tool for managing the new traffic realities of the 21st century.

  • Installs unobtrusively below the road surface: no saw cuts, no weather exposure, no traffic interruptions.
  • Communication ports make remote access and data retrieval efficient.
  • Generates outputs when a user-defined event occurs, such as a measure of traffic, or a combination of measures that exceed a defined threshold.

8 reasons to trust the Canoga™ Traffic Sensing System

  1. Reliable.
    The Canoga traffic sensing system provides highly reliable measurements no matter what the congestion level or weather condition—fog, rain, hail, wind, snow or ice—24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  2. Non-intrusive.
    The system is installed out of sight below the pavement, reducing visual clutter and making it ideal even for parks and scenic roadways.
  3. Non-invasive.
    The Canoga traffic sensing system is contained in conduit tunneled completely beneath the roadway surface, where it’s naturally shielded from weather and wear and is unaffected by pavement failure or milling operations.
  4. Low-cost Installation.
    Installation costs are especially low in new road construction. Traffic can flow normally and installation crews can work quickly and efficiently.
  5. Zero Maintenance.
    Install it and forget it: Underground, protected from weather and traffic, the robust Canoga traffic sensing system operates without service or maintenance.
  6. Low Life-cycle Cost.
    Built to last, easily modified and service free, the Canoga traffic sensing system offers industry-leading value.
  7. Future Flexibility.
    The scalable design of matched components permits easy modification, reconfiguration and relocation. And the Canoga system can be readily integrated with nearly all traffic management software.
  8. Real-time Traffic Data.
    Count, speed, length and roadway occupancy data are available in real time, giving you all the data you need to make effective traffic management decisions. Field processors such as 170 controllers.


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