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Opticom™ GPS System

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Opticom™ GPS System

Opticom™ GPS System

More than 35 years ago the Opticom™ System started a revolution in traffic management and safety. Today the world is a far busier and much more crowded place—and the need for better-managed roadways is greater than ever. Now the Opticom system includes two distinct products: the Opticom™ Infrared System and the Opticom™ GPS System.

The Opticom GPS System uses Global Positioning Satellite technology along with secure radio communications to gain preemption or priority at equipped intersections. The result is safer, more efficient traffic flow for both emergency service and transit vehicles.

Benefits for Emergency Services

Faster response for a world where every second counts.

  • Improves safety by eliminating right-of-way conflicts at the intersection:
    • First-come, first-serve authorization
    • Vehicle descriptors enable streamlined coding activit
  • Facilitates safe, efficient movement through turns:
    • Turn signal recognition and relay leads preemption in the intended direction.
    • Turn signal recognition clears right-of-way around corners.
  • Integrates easily with industry standard communications applications:
    • Provides GPS data output for other on-board devices.
    • Interfaces with AVL for conditional priority, enabling automated operation.
  • Provides precise activation and data reporting:
    • Activation is based on estimated arrival (ETA) and/or distance.
    • Superior preemption log accuracy improves liability identification.

Benefits for Traffic Engineers

Easy integration into your current intersection management system.

  • Streamlines intersection installation and maintenance:
    • Single intersection radio/GPS unit receives information from all directions.
    • Accommodates hills, curves and varied distances without the need for advanced detectors.
  • Minimizes traffic disruption:
    • Turn-signal-dependent mode recognizes the need for protected left turn, reducing potential traffic delays.
    • Adjustable activation based on ETA and/or distance enhances green time efficiency.
  • Integrates easily into current cabinets:
    • Phase selector plugs directly into CA/NY 170 input files.
    • Compatible with most traffic controllers with internal preemption.
  • Software enables implementation and management:
    • Software facilitates configuration, monitoring and diagnosis and produces system reports.

Benefits for Mass Transit Operations

Better schedule adherence through transit signal priority enables better schedule adherence, translating to increased rider satisfaction and lower impact on the environment.

  • Provides precise activation of priority requests:
    • Activation can be based on ETA and/or distance, reducing traffic disruptions.
  • Enables automated operation:
    • Interfaces with AVL for conditional priority, enabling automated operation.
  • Integrates easily with industry standard communication applications:
    • Provides GPS data output for other onboard devices.


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