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High Sierra

High Sierra Products

High Sierra Environmental Monitoring Instrumentation & Services

High Sierra Flood Warning Systems. HSE’s flood warning systems are designed to automatically collect and process real-time information from remote sites. Data is transmitted to a base station where personnel can deploy crews and initiate emergency evacuation measures for the developing flood

High Sierra Weather Stations. HSE’s automated weather stations offer continuous, reliable operation in remote and extreme environments. A system can be configured with a variety of sensors to meet real-time processing and reporting for any size meteorological network.

High Sierra Environmental Monitoring. HSE Systems can help predict environmental changes, disseminate information, and facilitate automatic warning systems.

High Sierra Ancillary Equipment. HSE offers a full line of ancillary equipment to satisify a wide range of applications... For a single installation or a large network.


Please Note: High Sierra products are not available from Advanced Traffic Products in Washington. For more information, please contact our Sales Manager, Alan Hollen, at 425.347.6208 or by email at, or visit the manufacture’s website: