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Model X Push Button Station

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Model X Push Button Station


Polara Model X Push Button Station

The XAV2-LED push button station is the full featured model designed for use at a pedestrian crosswalk with in-pavement or overhead flashing lights. It works in conjunction with the XAVCU2 control unit. Within this system, the XAV2-LED Push Button Station provides an instructional sign, a push button with directional arrow for activating the flashing lights, a group of 3 LEDs in the sign that flash in sequence with the crosswalk lighting, a locate tone (optional), and a voice message. The volume of the locate tone and message is automatically adjusted up and down in relation to ambient sounds via a built-in microphone. This unit uses the same rugged and reliable push button and housing as Polara's Navigator. In addition to the push button, the XAV2-LED contains a speaker, a 10 watt RMS audio amplifier and a noise monitoring microphone for auto volume control.

The XAV2-LED is supplied with an 8 conductor,10 foot pigtail cable (not rated for burial) ready for connection directly to an XAVCU2 mounted on the same pole. For runs to a remotely located XAVCU2, the installer must supply an 8 conductor burial rated cable. Polara stocks and sells our recommended, direct burial rated cable that has matching colors to the pigtail cable to help prevent any potential for miswiring.

The unit is also supplied with mounting hardware, silicone filled wire splices, and installation instructions.


This model is equivalent to XAV2-LED, but does not have the three yellow LEDs in the sign that flash in sequence with the crosswalk lighting. This unit requires 7 conductors between it and the XAVCU2.

NOTE: The XAV2-LED and XAV2 push button stations must be used with the XAVCU2 control unit. They will not work with the earlier version XAVCU control unit.


This model is equivalent to the XAV2-LED, but provides no audible information and the LEDs in the sign are controlled by a user supplied lighting controller. The unit is supplied with a 5 conductor, 10 foot pigtail cable (not rated for burial), mounting hardware, silicone filled wire splices and installation instructions.


The X2 is a basic model with the same body, button and sign as the previous models, but provides no confirmation of a button push or that the crosswalk lighting has turned on. It also provides no audible information. It is simply a push button station with a 2 connector terminal block on the back of the unit that provides a contact closure from the push button to the crosswalk lighting controller. The unit is supplied with mounting hardware and a sealing boot.

Model X Control Unit

The XAVCU2 is a control unit that works in conjunction with Polara's XAV2 and XAV2-LED Push Button Stations and provides a system for playing a voice message at a pedestrian crosswalk where flashing yellow lights are installed. An XAVCU2 can operate up to two Push Button Stations. The system has several other features as listed below:

Operational Features:

  • Dip-switch selectable number of message repetitions with options of repeating 1, 2, and 3 times or continuous while the crosswalk lights are flashing.
  • Dip-switch selectable rate for the button locating tone. Options are; None, every 2 seconds, every 3 seconds, and every 4 seconds.
  • Dip-switch selectable voice message. Options are; English only or both, English and Spanish. Custom messages are also available by special order.
  • Capability for setting the minimum and the maximum limits for the sound volume for both, Voice message and the Locating tone.
  • Automatic volume adjustment to compensate for the changes in ambient noise levels. The output volume stays within preset limits. The system also provides a Gain adjustment for the built-in ambient noise sensing microphone.
  • Two inputs for external light signal. One for 10 - 35 Volts AC/DC, and one for 35-130 Volts AC/DC. This input is required to trigger the voice message. The message will not turn on until the crosswalk lights turn on and voltage is detected at one of these inputs.
  • The XAVCU2, comes with two flash control signal outputs which can be used to drive external relays for controlling flashing lights. A special program is needed for this function and the boards must be ordered as such. An onboard adjustment is available to set the flash time.

An 8-wire cable is required to connect between a remotely located XAVCU2 and up to two push button stations. Polara stocks and sells a direct burial rated cable with matching color codes to the push button cable to prevent any potential for miswiring. A relay contact output closes when a button is pressed. This is used to trigger the external flashing system.

Polara offers a DC model, P/N XAVCU2-DC for solar or DC applications which works with standard XAV2 and XAV2-LED Push Button Stations.

Note: the XAVCU2 is not compatible with older Model XAV and XAV-LED Push Button Stations.

Model XAV2/X2 Downloadable Documents

Original Model X Downloadable Documents

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