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Navigator Accessible Pedestrian Signal

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Navigator Accessible Pedestrian Signal

Polara Navigator Accessible Pedestrian Signal


The Navigator is a highly reliable, vandal resistant Accessible Pedestrian Signal (APS) that provides a vibro-tactile ADA compliant 2" push button with a raised directional arrow and audible sounds during all pedestrian cycles. Sounds are emitted out from behind the unit via a recessed weatherproof speaker. A custom voice-on-location message can be provided with an extended push of the button. The message typically gives information about the intersection and street being crossed.

Two Wire Advantage

  • Uses existing pushbutton wiring, only takes two wires; very easy to hook up.
  • Significantly reduced installation cost due to no additional wires required.
  • Synchronizes all sounds on an intersection.

System Uniqueness

  • Independent minimum & maximum volume settings for Locate Sounds, Clearance & Walk Sounds. Extended button push and volume overrides under logic control.
  • Global configuration changes (setup one and save changes to all vs. setup per individual push button station).
  • Optional clearance sounds or audible countdown of remaining seconds during clearance available; complements or replaces visible countdown displays.
  • Secure configuration prevents unauthorized tampering.
  • System can self-test and fault report to a remote site for real-time monitoring and system maintenance.
  • Button rated for 100 million+ operations with > 2 lb. actuation force.
  • User selectable multiple language support option available; can be programmed with up to three pedestrian selectable languages.
  • Maximum volume dynamic range 60 dB.
  • Optional announcement of direction of travel (Ex: "traveling west") can be added (in field) to location message.
  • Extended push priority (mutes entire intersection except selected crosswalk to minimize confusion caused by other sounds).
  • Synchronized sounds throughout intersection; reduced noise clutter.
  • All inputs and outputs optically isolated; eliminates need for ped button isolators.
  • Can provide special messages throughout intersection such as "Emergency vehicle approaching, please clear intersection immediately", or a similar warning message regarding an approaching train if desired.
  • Push button failures or system failures default to transmitting a constant pedestrian call; standard pushbuttons can fail open.
  • Adjustable extended push time from 1 to 4 seconds in .5-second increments can be set by installer.

Custom Message and Sound Options

  • Custom Locate Sound - Plays a sound at a selectable interval to assist a blind pedestrian in locating the Push Button Station.
  • Custom Location Message(s) - Typically message states street being crossed and cross street names, and other vital information to help pedestrian with location and direction.
  • Custom Walk Message(s) - Typically alerts pedestrians that the walk interval has begun and name of street being crossed.
  • Custom Clearance Sounds/Countdown - Plays a sound to let pedestrians know they should clear intersection crosswalk. This optional tone typically would sound similar to the locate tone but is played at a faster rate or counts down the number of seconds in the clearance phase.

Advanced Sound Options

  • Two custom messages available, both override all other sounds or messages and plays once every time its assigned input is activated on the Central Control Unit.
Option “B” Front Plate


Option “B” Front Plate

The Option “B” plate is a secondary type of front plate that can be substituted from the standard walking man front plate.

2 Wire Navigator Accessible Pedestrian Signal

4 Wire Navigator Accessible Pedestrian Signal

8 Wire Navigator Accessible Pedestrian Signal

Navigator Accessories

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