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Advanced Data Communications to Determine Road Speeds and Vehicle Patterns

BlueTOAD™ - Advanced Data Communications to Determine Road Speeds and Vehicle PatternsPlanners and their agencies need to forecast road capacity and peak period traffic flow, not just for today but years into the future. And once construction is completed, road and corridor services levels must be optimized.

TrafficCast's BlueTOAD™ delivers the granular data and communications flexibility agencies need. From measuring travel times on alternate routes, to capturing driver behaviors at intersections, and even to aggregate data from multiple monitoring devices for cost-effective backhaul to operations centers, BlueTOAD is the essential tool for intelligent transportation.


  • Granular speed data on road sections where traditional sensors are impractical, such as entrance ramps, tunnels and bridges.
  • Real-time and forecast comparisons of travel times between designated origin & destinations, to build travel patterns for road planning.
  • Comprehensive data sampling of driver actions, which can be collected over time periods far beyond what is economically feasible through traditional methods like car counts and rubber strips.
  • To more effectively support planning and operations of the road network. Permanent or temporary installation of BlueToad can Monitor expressway exit/entrance patterns, destinations after exit, backup queues and other conditions. For example:
    • Better understanding the seasonal patterns of drivers exiting an expressway to enter a shopping mall could yield a more precise ROI in resolving to enhance the mall interchange vs. building a new exit.
    • BlueToad zigbee mesh networking can enable not only typical traffic light sequence adjustments and ramp signaling but also report conditions to the traffic operations center - either by rule or exception - without expensive communications infrastructure.
    • Temporary installation to monitor work zones and special events, simplified maintenance replacement for existing sensors.
    • Accurate location identification for incident detection.
  • Transients & voltage surge protection
  • Meets FCC regulations for electronic noise
  • Temp. operating range: -40°C to +74°C


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