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Wavetronix™ Products

Wavetronix™ Traffic Detection Devices

SmartSensor V. Side-fire radar detects out to 200 feet. Accurately monitors up to 8 lanes of traffic.

SmartSensor HD. SmartSensor HD combines increased transmission bandwidth with an advanced signal generation technology to produce a more stable, more accurate radar.

SmartSensor Advance. SmartSensor Advance’s detection range offers more comprehensive protection of the entire approach, not just isolated zones.

SmartSensor Matrix. The SmartSensor™ Matrix is a first-of-its-kind stop bar presence detector designed for use at signalized intersections to detect vehicles with the reliability of radar and with all the advantages of non-intrusive detection.

Wavetronix™ Connectivity Solutions

Click 100. Input/Output devices.

Click 200. Surge protection and power modules.

Click 300. Wired communication data convertors.

Click 400. Wireless communication data convertors.

Wavetronix™ Command Data Appliances

Command Collector. Command Collector provides robust, customizable data collection from a variety of sensor technologies. Collection is scalable up to thousands of sensors and logging devices, and data is stored for over 90 days.

Command Translator. Command Translator bridges the gap between traffic data and end-use applications by providing automated and immediate conversions between incompatible data formats and databases.


Wavetronix™ products are available in Alaska, Northern California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming.

For more information, please contact your local sales representative, Mike Singson, at 425.347.6208 or by email at