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Click 100

Wavetronix Products

Wavetronix Click 100 Series

The simple connectivity of the Click 100 series of contact closure devices makes it easy to integrate the Wavetronix SmartSensor into existing traffic data networks. As part of the Wavetronix Click family, the 100 series products are easy-to-use ITS solutions that collect and deliver the most accurate traffic data possible.

Click 100

Contact Closure

The Click 100 Contact Closure Module collects real-time data from the Wavetronix SmartSensor and translates it to contact closure outputs. The module has 16 separate contact closure outputs and is equipped with multiple operation modes to facilitate both single-and dual-loop emulation.

The Click 100 mounts to a DIN rail and includes hot-swappable power and communication buses and pluggable screw terminals for easy installation. Once installed, the device automatically detects SmartSensor's communication baud rates and pre-configured settings. Individual LEDs on the module's faceplate confirm proper configuration, display the operation mode in use as well as vehicle detections in the 16 corresponding outputs or channels.

Input File Cards

The Click 112 and 114 Input File Cards provide 2-channel (112) and 4-channel (114) contact closure outputs between the SmartSensor and existing controllers. The cards plug into any input file slot and are compatible with NEMA standard TS-1, TS-2, 170 and 2070 traffic controllers, providing a data link from one or more cards to a single RS-485 bus.

Once installed, the Click 112 and 114 cards automatically detect baud rates and retrieve configuration data from the SmartSensor. Each channel can be programmed to monitor any traffic lane or zone, and the cards have multiple operating modes for both single- and dual-loop emulation. LEDs on each card's faceplate indicate the channel in current use, while a seven-segment display window indicates the lane number and direction,the operation mode or the type of data being collected.