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Click 200

Wavetronix Products

Wavetronix Click 200 Series

The simple connectivity of the Click 200 power and surge protection series makes it easy to integrate Wavetronix SmartSensors into existing traffic data networks. As part of the Click family,the 200 series offers easy-to-use power solutions that help ITS systems collect and deliver the most accurate traffic data possible.

Click 200

Click 200 series modules mount to a DIN rail and are equipped with pluggable screw terminals to ensure proper wiring. The modules are designed to operate as stand-alone products or in conjunction with other Wavetronix Click devices.

Surge Protection

The Click 200 Surge Protection Module has a three-stage surge suppression design that protects the SmartSensor and other devices from power surges over DC power lines, RS-232 and RS-485 communication lines. The 200’s surge protected power and communication buses are hot-swappable, and the modules also include unprotected connections for RS-232 and RS-485 communications. The Click 200 has passed NEMA TS2-1998 environmental testing and IEC 61000-4-5 electrical surge testing.

Power Converters

The Click 201 and 202 AC to DC Power Converters provide 24 VDC at currents of 1-Amp (Click 201)or 2-Amps (Click 202). These modules offer a primary-switched mode power supply in a slim design,housed in casings that are only 22.5 or 45 mm wide.

With a 100 percent power reserve, the Click 201 and 202 are the most effective remedy for static voltage dips, transient failures of supply voltage or continuous phase failures. Generously dimensioned capacitors guarantee a mains buffering of more than 20 ms under full load. Click 201 and 202 devices are approved for international use, according to standards established in the CB scheme, UL 60 950 and UL 508.