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Click 300

Wavetronix Products

Wavetronix Click 300 Series

The simple connectivity of the Click 300 series of wired data converters makes it easy to integrate the Wavetronix SmartSensor into existing wired data networks. As part of the Wavetronix Click family, the 300 series offers easy-to-use communication solutions that deliver the most accurate traffic data possible.

Click 300

Click 300 series modules are DIN rail mounted and include hot-swappable connection buses and pluggable screw terminals for easy installation. The slim design allows the modules to operate as stand-alone products or in conjunction with other Click devices, and the durable, low-power modules are designed to operate in extreme conditions. Front panel LEDs indicate proper set-up and operation,and all of the modules are equipped with multiple connection ports for user convenience.

Serial Data Conversion

The Click 300 Serial Data Converter bridges the gap between the SmartSensor (or any other RS-232 connected device) and RS-485 protocols by converting communication from RS-232 to RS-485 and vice versa. It auto-detects SmartSensor's pre-configured communication baud rates and the LEDs on the front of the module illuminate when corresponding data is successfully transmitted or received.

Serial to Ethernet Conversion

The Click 301 Serial to Ethernet Converter allows serial devices like the SmartSensor to communicate over Ethernet by converting either RS-232 or RS-485 communication to Ethernet communication and vice versa. The 301 device can also perform serial conversions like the Click 300 and uses either Ethernet or serial interfaces to configure its communication baud rates.

Industrial Modems

For modem-based communication systems, the Click 302 and 303 Industrial Modems offer remote access to SmartSensor and other compatible devices. The modems comply with telephone systems world-wide and connect to all standard RS-232 devices, with a maximum data rate of 33.6 kbps and a maximum RS-232 rate of 115.2 kbps.