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Command Collector

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Wavetronix Command Collector

Data Collection. Made Easy.

Command Collector provides robust, customizable data collection from a variety of sensor technologies. Collection is scalable up to thousands of sensors and logging devices, and data is stored for over 90 days.


  • Broad library of drivers to handle automatic data collection and storage from many commonly-used traffic detectors:
    • Wavetronix SmartSensors (105, HD, V)
    • Autoscope SoloPro / Terra cameras
    • RTMS
    • Sensys
    • 3M Microloop
    • Diamond Traffic Counters
    • Mikros Data Loggers
  • Gathers real-time traffic data at intervals as frequent as every 20 seconds.
  • Exports data as user-defined queries in grid, graph, or file form.
  • Manages full set of 13 FHWA vehicle classes.
  • Web-based interface allows monitoring sensor status and remote management through any networked web browser.