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SmartSensor V

Wavetronix Products

Wavetronix SmartSensor™ V

Side-fire radar detects out to 200 feet. Accurately monitors up to 8 lanes of traffic.

The SmartSensor™ V provides true eight-lane detection of vehicle volume, occupancy and speed using patented Digital Wave Radar™. Quick and easy to install, the SmartSensor V is the industry’s first autoconfiguring and auto-calibrating device.

Low Power

SmartSensor V consumes 57 percent less energy but still maintains the same standard for accuracy and reliability set by the original SmartSensor.

Value-based Detection

SmartSensor V provides exceptional value, delivering superior detection capability without requiring investment in unnecessary or unproven technologies.

Internal Surge Protection

The new design offers protection from voltage surges that can damage the sensor, and may eliminate the need for external protection at many installations.


  • Patented automatic configuration process
  • Simple “ball park” alignment process
  • Easy to install, easy to operate
  • Integrates with Wavetronix Click products
  • Patented Digital Wave Radar technology
  • Works over barriers, medians and center guardrails
  • Provides true eight-lane detection with a range of 200 ft. (61 m).
  • Operates in side-fire or forward-fire installations
  • All-weather and all-condition performance
  • Onboard flash memory protects data storage
  • Automated manufacturing process
  • Remote accessible for easy management
  • Flash upgradeable
  • No performance variance due to temperature


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